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geeks night out

Last week I went to the Geeks’ Night Out at Beerworks in Lexington. One of the people I met was a junior EE major at UK named Robyn who, along with two of her friends, is looking to start a home automation company (The Unity Box) – but not in the realm of a company […]

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gardening efficiently – for fun and profit

I have gardened off and on for most of my life. Back in the 1980s, there was a show called “Square Foot Gardening” on PBS hosted by Mel Bartholomew. Now there is a website. When we lived in Albany, we purchased the book Square Foot Gardening (which has been updated and simplified even further by […]

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thanks, {redacted}

A friend and coworker owns a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, and invited my wife and I to spend part-to-all of a week with him and his wife there at the beginning of March – doing a “WFC1” week instead of being ‘merely’ WFH2 (like we normally are).. He arrived Saturday morning with his wife, […]

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bursts by albert-lászló barabási

Albert-László Barabási’s book “Bursts: The Hidden Patterns Behind Everything We Do, from Your E-mail to Bloody Crusades” is fascinating. In the same overall genre as Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers (review) – pop psychology and pop science – Bursts is a great read: bringing highly technical and dense topics to the masses in a manner that [apparently] […]

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I learned about this week – finally a way to not overload Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc with posts – and put them in relevant venues easily. Thanks, Passive Panda.

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some great finds – it’s sorta like Visio, but free, and web-based. – like webex, including conference calling and file and screen sharing. Qama – a calculator that doesn’t give an answer until you provide a “reasonable” guess. Udacity – a free computer science program. Urbanchickens – dedicated to raising chickens in “non-traditional” environments (like cities).

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groupon is no good!

I think I might have to boycott Groupon: a few months back they had a deal for an introductory flight, first ground school time, and pilot log book for about 50% off the normal rate from the local flight training company, NexGen Aviation. I arrive at the airport a little before 1400 for my flight […]

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where google makes its money

Wired has an interesting infographic today from WordStream on where Google makes its money in advertising. No surprise on some of the top entries: but the last was surprising (both to me, and the folks who did the analysis): Cord Blood. Seems “rich parents” are wanting to store their newborn’s umbilical cord blood for the […]

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4-h judging

My wife and I are participating as judges in the state finals for the Kentucky 4-H presentations at UK’s campus Saturday. We’ve both gotten tagged to judge speeches. This’ll be my first time ever involved with 4-H, whereas my wife has been doing something with them every year for about 15 years

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about time :)

Saw in a tweet from David Pogue that someone has finally implemented a DVR-for-radio. Only took three years for someone to build I haven’t started playing with yet, but it looks pretty cool!

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