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may 11 bglug meeting 6:30p at beaumont branch: topic – freeipa

We will be meeting at the Beaumont Library Branch at 6:30p on 11 May. Our speaker is the LUG’s own Nathaniel McCallum, one of the FreeIPA maintainers – and all-around nice guy. Come out and support the LUG, learn something new, and meet cool people.

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devops on

Whether you’re familiar with the Stack Exchange family of sites and services (,, etc), or not, I encourage you to check-out and support this new DevOps proposal to see if maybe it can get to a critical mass and launch as its own Q&A site on the SE network

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new rules, new blog locale

Due to new social media rules from one of the agencies we are working with, most updates cannot be shared “publicly” – ie, they must be password-protected. In follow-up to my post on, I’m posting here, too, that the new adoption blog is available at If you would like access, please email, call, […]

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thanksgiving 2013

There is much to be thankful for in the Myers family this year. Some of the highlights: movement on the Waiting List we started the year at 67, and are at 31 now work still not thrilled about having be bought-out by a much larger company, but I have a job, it’s a good one, and […]

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programming again

It’s been years, but I am working on some new (small) programming projects again. First out will be an open-source app that’s a simplified (and slimmed-down) tool akin to Yahoo! Pipes. One of the things I had forgotten was just how hard it is to write code that doesn’t stink. Here’s hoping the first release […]

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avnet buying seamless technologies

Avnet (AVT) is acquiring Seamless Technologies (my employer). Full Press Release (well, the important part): (and WSJ reprint) Avnet, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Assets of Seamless Technologies, Inc. Significantly Expands Cloud and Automation Solutions PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT) announced today that it has agreed to acquire substantially all of the assets of Seamless Technologies, […]

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updates to connexions modules

Starting this week, and continuing over the next several weeks, there will be several updates and expansions coming to my published Connexions Collection (original publishing comments), “Debugging and Supporting Software Systems“. I would love to collect feedback and be able to incorporate any suggestions for improvement that you may have. Please feel free to either […]

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haiku mirror

I am now running an official Haiku mirror: Alpha 4.1 has been released, and you can get a copy from any of the mirrors.

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next bglug meeting – 25 oct at 1900 (7p) – @collexion hackerspace

Topic is yet TBD – but the time and place are set: 25 Oct 1900 Collexion hackerspace Come join us!

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The final stage of bureaucratic folderol to endure is Thursday when we get our fingerprints done for the USCIS check. Root for a smooth day

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