fighting the lack of good ideas

my first act as president…

…will be to eliminate the TSA.

I was in Chicago this week for work, and on my way back the TSA gerbil found a knife in my briefcase. The same briefcase that made it through RDU without anyone noticing a knife.

When I am elected president in 2016 the first thing to go will be the stupidity that is TSA. That’s right, they took my $60 knife from me. The mail-it-home kiosk has been closed for months at MDW because people complained items didn’t make it back or something.

The stupid part about this whole episode, though, is that I don’t need a knife to cause havoc on a plane. I’m a big enough guy, and know enough about the basics of martial arts and self-defence to cause issues.

But I’m honest, and up-standing, and have no reason to do so.

But the TSA doesn’t consider whether or not you’re likely to cause an issue. Nope. It’s an outright ban.