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defaulting pxe boots with hpsa

I recently found a very helpful nugget with regards to OS Provisioning with HP’s Server Automation product.

OS Prov is most typically done using PXE (or the similar bootp process). SA provides a PXE server that gives a boot menu to network-booted systems. That menu contains a variety of choices: linux, windows, winpe, etc.

In most environments, one particular OS will be dominant, and typically one particular version of that OS – whether it be RHEL 5 x64 or Windows 2008 R2, it’s usually just one that makes up the lion’s* share of systems on the network.

If you know that you will be provisioning, say, Windows 2008 R2 90% of the time, it would be nice to not have to always have to pick it manually from the PXE boot menu.

Here’s what you need to do to make that happen (presuming you want to use Build Plans):

Edit the following file:


For example, if you have this at the beginning of the file:

"prompt 1
default local
timeout 100
display pxelinux.msg
implicit 0"

Change it to this for the OGFS version of winpe64:

"prompt 1
default winpe64-ogfs
timeout 100
display winpe64-ogfs.msg
implicit 0"

You can use the above process – modified, of course – for any of the available boot images.

*And if you’re provisioning Mac OS X 10.7, “Lion” makes up all the share 🙂

1401 argentinean bistro


It’s truly that good.

This week I was working in Fort Lauderdale. It’s been over 4 years since I was last in the area, and I’ve always wanted to visit Miami – at least once.

As I am wont to do, I checked-out OpenTable to see what interesting food places were available. One of them was 1401 Argentinean Bistro. It’s a fusion restaurant selling Argentinian food with Italian influences (the owner/chef’s dual heritages).

I went with a coworker and the customer contact with whom we were working. We all ordered the skirt steak, and LOVED it!

Our waiter was the chef, Fabio Pizelman: he enjoys tending tables 2-3 nights a week to get a better feel for what his customers like, don’t like, want, etc. We arrived late enough Tuesday that we were [effectively] the only customers. So I do realize that our service was perhaps slightly more attentive than it may be when the place is packed, but it was still a phenomenal place to eat.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we ended up leaving work late, and had to move our reservation a couple times – but that worked to our advantage in that we had the place to ourselves.

The outdoor seating was excellent on the balmy fall evening, and we decided by the end of the rolls that we had to go back.

While waiting on our entrees to arrive, I rebooked us for Wednesday – when we planned to sample the non-steak portions of Chef Fabio’s menu.

Due to some more unforeseen (and unavoidable delays), we had to no-show Wednesday – but Thursday was our night.

Alas! Senor Pizelman must think we’re flakes! Last night we didn’t get to leave the office until it was almost today 🙁

And with my return home imminent, it also means that I won’t have a chance to eat at the Bistro again for some time – a true shame. Chef Fabio’s food, service, and personality couldn’t be better.

And so, with this, I must wait to return to 1401 Bistro until my next trip to south Florida.

I wish Mssr Pizelman all success until (and after) then.