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what in the … ?

I was looking at Apple’s Xserve store page today and noticed the following:

Redundant power supply option

For extra peace of mind, you can add a second hot-swappable power supply and connect each to a separate UPS or power circuit. In case of an outage in one circuit, the second supply takes over without a loss in service.”

Huh? If you have only one power supply, how is it “hot-swappable”?

mysql auto-changes data types

I was making a change to a small table today: adding a field that wanted to be a varchar. The other fields that were of type char all magically changed to varchar when I was done with the alter statement that added one field.

I don’t know if that’s supposed to happen, but it was serendipitous for me, as I wanted to change the char fields to varchar anyway.

And, interestingly enough, if you have a table full of varchar fields and you try to add a char field, it will automatically switch it to match the varchar form, and not switch the varchars back to char.

I didn’t see anything in a quick search on mysql’s website about this behavior, so it’s either undocumented, my google-fu is weak, or it’s a bug.

squirrels network *like* facebook?

Discovery News reports that squirrels network like Facebook users.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that Facebook is a heluva lot newer than squirrels. Shouldn’t the comparison be that Facebook users network like squirrels do?

I could see being accommodating to modern society and not compare Facebook networking, to, say… how the Huns figured out who would be their leader. But come on! Everyone knows what squirrels are, and they all know they’ve been around longer than the internet.