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kielty’s emerald isle restaurant and pub

I love good pubs. Recently I discovered yet another Irish pub in Waterford NY. Kielty’s sits on the north side of Broad St a couple blocks from the Hudson River – number 41. My sister and I had been planning to grab a light lunch at Don and Paul’s (a coffee/sandwich shop she likes), but when we got out and saw this, we both decided to check it out.

Seating is fairly limited – perhaps [legally] space for about 40 folks. Limited seating certainly doesn’t impact the quality of either the beverages (not a wide selection, but a few good ones to pick from), nor the excellence of the food. When we went for lunch, she got sweet potato fries (eww!) that she said were awesome (<shudder>) and a grilled cheese sandwich while I ordered a tuna melt with chips. Had I been more clever, I would’ve eaten the tuna melt first, then had some chips. But no, I wasn’t that clever, eating the small mountain of fried potatoy goodness then attacking the melt.

I couldn’t finish the sandwich – it was really good, but way more than I needed for lunch 🙂

The next evening my dad joined my sister and I in going back. He got a burger, and I tried their grilled cheese sandwich after ogling the one my sister had eaten the day before. By the time we left, some live music was getting ready to start, and the place was beginning to pack-in. It appeared that Kielty’s an active member of the local music scene in southern Saratoga and northwestern Rennselaer counties.

Having added yet another restaurant to my list of places to eat is great. Now the problem becomes which one to pick when I want to go out!