fighting the lack of good ideas

next bglug meeting – 25 oct at 1900 (7p) – @collexion hackerspace

Topic is yet TBD – but the time and place are set:

Come join us!

mirror status – m0n0wall

The locale needs to be updated (from Philadelphia to Germany), but I have been reinstated as a m0n0wall mirror. I noticed that downloads had dropped-off over the past few months, and after contacting Manuel Kasper (the creator/maintainer of m0n0wall), found out that the mirror script he runs to maintain an active list had dropped me a few months ago (likely around when I changed hosting providers from Tektonic to Hetzner).

Thankfully, it is back up and online now 🙂

Manuel also told me that he is looking to release a new edition of the firewall in the next few months, and is in need of PHP scripters with deep FreeBSD knowledge to help him – if you, or anyone you know, fits the bill, he would love an email.