fighting the lack of good ideas


I was contacted by Packt a few months ago to be a possible author of an eBook on the Raspberry Pi. As fun as that sounds like it would’ve been, I am in no way qualified to write on the topic, as I’ve both never used one, and don’t really have the time to play with one.

Fast forward to last month, and now instead of writing the book, they’d like me to be a “reviewer”. That sounds kinda fun – you get your name in the credits, and get to help maybe sell a couple copies by giving feedback on the content, structure, flow, etc.

The problem with this has been, so far, that the author(s) have such a poor command of English that the book sounds more-or-less like it’s been written by a grade schooler. So, instead of “reviewing”, I’ve put on my editor’s hat, and am trying to help the fella that wrote it bring it up to a level folks can understand 🙂