fighting the lack of good ideas

avoiding the voicemail prompts

I just found this article from David Pogue that indicates how to avoid the voicemail prompts and greetings:

It turns out that each carrier offers a “bypass the instructions” keystroke that takes you directly to the beep. (It bypasses both the person’s own recorded greeting and the 15-second carrier nonsense.)

To be as evil as possible, the carriers do not promote or tell you about the existence of this keystroke. Furthermore, the key to press is different with each company:

* for Verizon

1 for Sprint

# for AT&T

# for T-Mobile

wedding plans

Have begun.

I just got a site setup for my fiancee and I to keep our friends and family up-to-date on what’s going on:

And yes – she picked the blog theme 🙂

more help from stackoverflow

I realize I asked this question a while back, but in reviewing some of my history, I was reminded of how helpful the site has been for a variety of issues.

And I’m sure that questions like this one regarding VMware and VPNs is something “I should have known” – but not knowing where to look for appropriate data is what makes sites like these so helpful.

I do still wonder, though, how we remember what we know, and whether out-sourcing our collective minds is still a Good Idea™…

tiny code

I ran across the Tiny Code site recently, and was reminded of how many of us started programming on ancient machines that barely had enough horsepower to handle typing – yet we’d spend hours on end writing little games and whatnot that had to be small or they wouldn’t run.

I’d love to see a return to a minimalist approach to development – but I know it’s only a pipe dream.

backblaze storage pods

Yet another link I found off Hacker News, the Backblaze storage pod – 67 Terabytes of storage in a rack-mountable unit for <$8k.

I’d love one or two or 80 of these in my spare bedroom 🙂

the trilogy as a source of help

I’ve been a user on stackoverflow since shortly after it debuted last year. I’m also becoming active on superuser and serverfault.

Today I have a prime example of why these services are so helpful. I have a small db scripting problem. After googling’ for a while with various combinations of keywords, including attempting to make heads or tails of the MySQL documentation, I asked this question on SO.

Inside of a couple minutes, several folks answered my question, pointing to exactly the part of the manual I couldn’t find on my own.

Volunteer communities are awesome.


I want one.

Don’t know what I’ll use it for yet – but I want a VersaLaser.