fighting the lack of good ideas

peak city grille & bar

This evening I moseyed to Apex NC with a coworker for dinner. We parked on N Salem St, and perused the available options, settling on Peak City Grille & Bar.

Peak City is a former general store converted to a restaurant just a few years ago. 126 N Salem St is an unassuming store front, but after walking inside, the open expanse, down to the original tin ceiling panels, greets you with a subdued, classy grandeur.

When we finally made our decision on dinner, our food was prepared very quickly. I ordered their prime rib special, a 10oz portion with a “colossal” baked potato and side salad. Mark requested their shrimp and grits, and both were out to us very quickly. While we waited, our salads and drinks came out, and my only complaint was on the Peak City ‘house’ brew – it’s supposed to be similar to a Bass, but it tasted bruised.

Their beer selection was somewhat lacking this evening, as they were out of several of their normal draughts, but their cocktail list and availability was quite extensive.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve had prime rib since I went to the Van Ness House of Prime Rib in San Francisco. I’ve held-off because of how good the prime rib was in California.

Tonight’s offering, though, was a very close second. The black pepper crust really helped to bring out the flavor of the beef. The baked potato came home because of its size – it was easily 7 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter. And it was stuffed with cheese, chives, bacon, and butter. I’m looking forward to finishing dinner in the next couple days!

In recent years I’ve become a big fan of local restaurants, especially in small town centers like N Salem St is in Apex. Peak City has definitely made my list for favorite local spots.

beer, bourbon, and bbq

Last year I went to the Beer and Bourbon Festival at Koka Booth in Cary. My buddy Jeremy and I had an absolute blast.

They’re bringing it back this year in August again, and I’m planning to go again. There are some other shows before and after in the southeast, but the one in Cary is the closest.

If you’re a fan of trying new whiskys, sampling different brews, and maybe grabbing some varied bbq styles, you should consider a trip out.

If you don’t drink (or prefer to have the cheaper ticket), they have a Designated Driver ticket that only grants admission – no beer or bourbon sampling.

The barbecue isn’t part of the all-you-can-enjoy, but it’s priced very reasonably.


I went to Guglhupf in Durham today for lunch. I’d never heard of them before today, and only went with the group I had joined because Foster’s was slammed.

Their soup selections change daily, and today I tried their scotch broth – which today was lamb-based. I also ordered a breakfast bread basket. My total today was about $7.50, and I had exactly as much as I needed for lunch.

Some of the folks I ate with thought it was upscale, but their prices aren’t as high as might be expected from the decor.

Seating is spread across two floors, with a very open floor plan. Service was very quick, and all of the staff went out of their way to be friendly to each of us.

For a relaxing lunch with an all-fresh menu, and rotating specials, Guglhupf is now ranked in my list of places to go in the Triangle.