fighting the lack of good ideas


We moved three spots this month.

adoption fundraising

This month we hit 60% on our funding target!

We have a ways to go, but we have our referral fee, and one flight covered ~ish.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped, who would like to, and to those who are just keeping us in their thoughts and prayers.

Our main adoption blog.

thanksgiving 2012

There are a few biggies that stick out in my mind to be thankful for this year:

  • my wife Christina
  • a great job – the customers aren’t always amazing, but my job is pretty darn good
  • being on the waiting list for our adoption from Ethiopia
  • family – extended and immediate
  • friends – all over the country and world


The final stage of bureaucratic folderol to endure is Thursday when we get our fingerprints done for the USCIS check.

Root for a smooth day 🙂

dossier done

Our adoption dossier is done (excluding USCIS approval)!


Now to wait.


Had a great update this afternoon – one document we were convinced was wrong for our dossier has been verified to be acceptable! Woohoo.

golly, batman

My wife posted recently about the excitement of compiling our dossier. Last night we found out we are two documents (and immigration approval) away from document authentication and translation. At that point, we are going to be in the queue awaiting a referral.