fighting the lack of good ideas

here seems like it would be perfect for pilots

With Here, you can download maps to use offline. 

And, via personal experimentation, I can attest to the rapidity with which the screen will update (even in “airplane mode”) on my iPhone when in a commercial jet if I have Here open. 

So why don’t they advertise their mapping product(s) to pilots?

Or do they, and I just haven’t noticed?

I’d think running Here on an iPad Pro or even an iPhone 6S Plus would be fantastic for pilots of all stripes – private, charter, military, and commercial.

I’m sure other devices will handle Here well, too – but have only tried on my iPhone & my dad’s Samsung Note.


I see Allegiant Air is starting to come around.

For several years, many airlines have had checked bag fees – but carry-ons are free. But it’s having carry-on bags that slows everyone down while inept and hapless travelers try to wedge their carry-on and “small personal item” into overhead bins, under the seat in front of them, or in a neighbor’s lap.

Let’s reverse that policy and allow one carry-on bag per person for free (laptop bag, backpack, purse, etc). Then have all other bags be checked (maybe charge over 3 checked bags – or not, that’d be up to the airlines).

I’d put money down that most everyone’s flights would be substantially smoother that way.