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the ultimate measure of financial success

How many times have you heard someone suggest that all their financial problems would magically disappear if they only made more money? But high incomes can’t guarantee financial freedom; there are countless examples of people who earned millions yet still ended up bankrupt. The common thread among folks who get into financial trouble — no […]

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conference connectivity

My friend Trent posted last week, “[m]eeting organizer Protip: select a location that gets cell phone service.”. I am fairly certain I disagree. I disagree with Joel Spolsky on this, too. If you are organizing a meeting, conference, or the like, there should ONLY be connectivity if you want your attenders to ignore the meeting – […]

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why nations fail by daron acemoglu and james a robinson

I first came across Why Nations Fail at my local Half Price Books. After seeing it on the shelves a couple times, but still being unsure about whether I really wanted to read it or not, I reserved it at my local library. Now I wish I had bought it (and likely will) – Daron […]

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the “best” industries for starting a business?

I generally really like Inc magazine. But this article is kinda ridiculous: “The Eight Best Industries for Starting a Business.” By the time an industry has landed on a list like this, the odds that you’re really going to be able to capitalize on it are super slim. There’s nothing “wrong” with starting a business […]

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I am the [proud] holder of subscriptions to several magazines. As part of my attempt to vary my reading materials, I get Wired, Inc, Fast Company, Western Horseman, and several others. However – I’ve discovered that I just don’t care about most of what is any given issue; there are times when more than half […]

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group admin in the era of facebook

Along the difficulties of initially building a good group/community, comes the hassles of managing said [virtual] community – especially on the book of the face. I am a coadmin on the Ontario & Western Railways Historical Society Inc Facebook group. My friend Peter is a coadmin of the Linux Mint group. Something both of us have noticed […]

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never run out of dry erase markers

They always go dead when you need them most – so stock up. Especially at employee personal whiteboard, meeting rooms, and class rooms.

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on tipping

Let me preface by saying that tipping, as such, in the US and Canada is messed up. There is no reason for businesses to not pay their staff to do their jobs. I shouldn’t be “expected” to supplement their employer’s miserly pay by tipping. But, since that’s how it currently works, I want to share […]

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what should a professional services group’s goal(s) be?

Should it be as a revenue stream? Or can it be far, far more? Every place I have worked since getting into professional services back in early 2008 has viewed the goal of the organization as making money by performing services. Whether or not the customer was happy, something useful was delivered, whether a relationship […]

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I am a huge believer in unsales. And not in the pharmaceutical industry sense. Because “shipping is a feature“, and because I intensely dislike the “do it for me, then hand me the keys” mentality, I routinely follow the unsales methodology. What is unsales? It is [almost] only selling what a customer can use today. I […]

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