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how do you negotiate a ceasefire with terorists?

This question has finally started dawning on the unwashed liberal masses. For the past almost 5 years, the United States has been directly confronting terrorism in several different global locations. And in the past several days, Hezbollah has finally reared its ugly head and given up on sporadic attacks against Israel and has instead launched an all-out war.

Every news network I have seen in the past several days has been asking this question, which is good – it means they’re starting to think, always a big plus.

Unfortunately, they haven’t yet gotten to the only possible answer: you can’t. They are not driven by a lust for land, power, resources, or people. Terrorists, especially of the muslim extraction, are driven by violence – seeing violence executed on those they disagree with, or just dislike this week.

There is only one way of negotiating with terrorists: you kill them. A ceasefire only occurs when they are shot – then they cease firing.

It may not be a popular response to the question, but it’s the only one that works.