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never apologize for being right

Pope Benedict XVI recently made some ‘anti-Islamic’ comments in an academic conference that has gotten the Islamic world in an uproar (and has actually proved what he said to be correct). It has also gotten the politically correct crowd leveling some pretty harsh words against the pontiff.

I do not agree with several of the core beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church, but on this count Pope Benedict XVI is dead-on. And neither he nor his council in the Vatican should apologize for stating truth. Islam has historically grown through violence. While that doesn’t mean all Moslems are violent, it does mean that some are – as can be seen in terror groups in the Middle East, the ‘conversion’ at gunpoint of the Fox reporters recently, and from other current and historical persecutions of non-Moslems by Islamists.

When anyone has said something true, right, and especially when it is demonstrably so, they should never apologize. If you can’t live with reality, you need to wake up – not be apologized to.