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why are geeks liberal?

I’ve noticed that most technical forums, from user groups to mailing lists, slashdot to stackoverflow, all tend liberal.

I want to know why there seems to be a paucity of conservatives in these settings. I want to know why the libertarians that show tend towards the radical fringe of the party.

With the size of the overall tech/geek population, there should be a more representative cut of political viewpoints.

Yet what I see is that most of the geeks I run across are distinctly left-leaning. They seem to all be in favor of Obama, with only a couple coming out in favor of anyone else in this presidential campaign.

Personally, I don’t like either major candidate: Obama is far too liberal for me, and so is McCain – there isn’t any form of conservative mainstream alternative, so I’m voting 7th party this year.

I want to know why, though, it seems that all the nerds I run across are liberal, and almost none are conservative.

scott adams drawing dilbert

It’s not very exciting, but if you ever wanted to see him doing it, here it be: