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I first learned of S’Mac back in June during my visit to Bridge Cafe.

Later in June I went to Growler’s outside of St Louis, and found some pretty darn good mac and cheese there.

They advertise “New York’s best Macarroni and Cheese”. I haven’t had mac & cheese elsewhere in the city, but if someone else is going to top them, they’ll need to go a long way to do it.

My dad had the Major Munch Cheeseburger mac. I went for the Major Munch Buffalo Chicken. I probably should’ve gone for the Nosh size instead, but I didn’t.

345 E 12th St is cramped, colored like it’s the inside of a macarroni, and doesn’t do refills on drinks (they server cans and bottles only). But they live up to their promoted reputation of having awesome mac & cheese.

We arrived with the joint only a third full. By the time they brought our fresh-baked concoctions to us in personal cast iron pans, every table was full, and the line of folks waiting to get their own pan was 12 deep – which is quite an accomplishment in such a tiny space! And on top of this, it was Halloween! Who goes out to eat on Halloween? (OK, other than the obvious, “I do”.)

I was still a little full from our excursion to Bridge Cafe for lunch, so ended up getting the rest of my mac & cheese to go.

If you’re looking for something sit-down and relaxing, S’Mac is not for you.

If you want great food, fantastic prices (especially for NYC), and fast service – then go S’mac yourself.