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yay for vacations

I just had a great week. From the afternoon (UTC) of 28 Nov through the afternoon (EST) of 7 Dec, I had no internet access.

And until 0100 (EST) of 7 Dec, I had no access to my phone. It was phenomenal. And I didn’t miss anything “important”, either.

This is the first multi-day break I’ve taken since last year in March. Turns out there’s a reason vacation time exists. HP has a company shutdown at the end of the year, so while I got back from the UK just early Sunday morning (local), I had only enough time to do laundry and adjust my body clock to ‘normal’ time again before getting on a plane and spending 2 weeks in Denver at another customer.

So it’s an odd intermission – 2 weeks of work before being off for two more weeks, but it’ll be nice to be home for a couple weeks. And the parents and sis will be down for Christmas this year, and that’ll be fun, too.