fighting the lack of good ideas


I like [some] Pringles potato crisps. For years I wondered why it is that when you remove the lining inside the cover it often likes to rip the inner lining of the cardboard case off with it, but it was a minor inconvenience (especially in the era [many moons ago] when I’d eat a whole can at a time).

Now, Lays has introduced the Stax line – same concept: reconstituted potato spooge shoved into a mold and baked. And, at least in Singapore, the packages are the same cost as an identically-weighted package of Pringles. Here’s the kicker – the Stax chips come in plastic. So when you remove the lid liner, it comes off – no tearing of the inner package liner.. because there isn’t one.

Why can’t Pringles do the same thing, or cut their cost so that the convenience of a tear-free interior is actually a cost of the other guys?