fighting the lack of good ideas

an awesome visit

but not long enough 🙁

My fiancee boarded her flight back to Kentucky this morning (Singapore time). Her three week visit was a blast: we did a weekend trip to Perth Australia, hit the Singapore resort island of Sentosa twice, and a bunch of other little stuff.

We have pictures on facebook of both Perth and Sentosa.

Turns out that kangaroos in Australia are like deer in the US – nuisances. And the Singaporean equivalent are monkeys (smaller nuisances, but can go more places). Our second outing to Sentosa had monkeys playing around one of the attractions. And we saw kangaroos at a “memorial park” (aka “cemetery”) just outside Perth – lots and lots of roos.

I’ll be back in the US for a couple weeks around Christmas, so while the separation’s no fun, at least it’ll be shorter than last time 🙂