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ninja service

Saturday evening I took my fiancee to Cumberland Falls Park just a little way from where she grew up outside Corbin KY.

We decided to have a light dinner at the DuPont Lodge to enjoy the gorgeous view of the river on a picture-perfect spring evening.

The food was good – nothing amazing, but that’s not why you go to the Falls. You go for the views. The dinner buffet is a very reasonable price, and well-worth partaking-in to enjoy the trees budding-out.

What impressed me most about the restaurant was the completely unobtrusive service our waitress provided: she removed empty plates and refilled drinks with us barely noticing she had come by. Our glasses were never empty more than a minute, and plates sat on the table for what seemed like only seconds before they vanished.

If you have the chance to go, you absolutely should: not for the food, but for the view – and the service.