fighting the lack of good ideas

cloudy driving in progress

In follow-up to a previous post, I saw this on today.

Seems Ford sponsored a class at UMich to develop Cloud Computing apps… for the Commute.

The new Fiesta can Tweet while it’s driving. Not sure I like that idea… but it’s interesting, to say the least.


About 2 years ago, I wrote about the problem of holding onto electronic stuff just because storage was cheap.

It wasn’t until I met my fiancee that I realized I did the same thing with “real” stuff – holding onto it just because it was there.

I’m no where near a candidate for Hoarding: Buried Alive (praise the Lord!) .. but I could easily have been in a few years had I not met someone so helpful in keeping priorities about “stuff” straight – if it has a home and can live there relatively neatly.. it’s ok. Otherwise, it needs to be elsewhere.

Why is the self-storage industry doing so well in the US? Why do we own so much stuff we can’t even keep it in our homes? When did “stuff” become more important than people?

synthetic fuel

I came across this news story today regarding Rentech that is planning to produce “synthetic” fuels, ear-marking more than half their planned production for airline use (16k barrels of 30k barrels in their first facility).

Of course, this is only a tiny amount compared to the amount of petroleum consumed per day worldwide, but as a step towards less petroleum use, this is great. 30k barrels vs the 20.8m barrels that just the United States consumes is tiny, but it’s showing that there are initiatives to move away from petroleum-only towards other materials.

In addition to things like what Rentech is doing, we should also be looking for our own supplies of fuels and not relying so much on other countries (reducing transit times, tariffs passed-on to consumers, and creating high-skill, high-demand jobs in this country).