fighting the lack of good ideas

a modest proposal

Today is Valentine’s Day in the US (and, I presume, elsewhere). This is the first such day I have had with my wife (last year we were only engaged, so she was my fiancee, not my wife).

And two years ago we had only just been matched on eHarmony. Yesterday in our Sunday School group, the question was asked, what do you do for Valentine’s Day?” After going around the room and listening to all the couples there, it became readily apparent that most of us think Valentine’s Day is kinda pointless: all the guys like to surprise their girls throughout the year just because they can. And the girls [mostly] don’t like one day in particular to be elevated for “romance” above any other.

Focusing on One Dayâ„¢ puts an awful lot of pressure on guys who should be thinking all year how to be nice to their girls. And it puts a lot of pressure on girls to expect something Really Really Awesomeâ„¢ – so when it doesn’t happen, they tend to get saddened. Oh, and let’s not get into what single folks feel like they’re forced into doing because this is the Most Romantic Day Of The Year.

So, I’d like to propose we get rid of Valentine’s Day. Gone. Boop. No more.

Just be good to your spouse/SO all the time 🙂