fighting the lack of good ideas


For the past several months I have been traveling almost weekly into CT, specifically flying into BDL.

I have rented almost exclusively from the Dollar location next to the airport, and have experienced nothing but overt professionalism and friendliness from the staff.

I had a couple rentals with Hertz, and the staff, while formally polite, was overall very gruff and short with their customers. Likewise with Thrifty. Jeff and Ellen run their office with professionalism, overt friendliness, and remain calm and polite even when dealing with exceptionally-rude customers.

Whenever I have the chance (which thankfully has not been often because few are) to interact with some of the incredibly rude folks who have come-in to the Windsor Locks location, I have always defended the crew behind the counter who typically go above and beyond what is required to help those who have come to rent a car from them. I have never had as good a repeat rental experience as I have had at Dollar for the past many months.

I have never personally had an issue with any vehicle I have rented there, and I’ve rented enough that at .5 Southwest credits per rental, I’ve accrued a free flight! Some other customers come in looking for something to be wrong and how to take their frustrations at having to be in CT or having been delayed, or that they’re running late out on the staff behind the counter. I do not know what would possess someone to do that, since all it can do it upset the person you’re talking to who probably can’t do much to help you out beyond what they are already doing (ie, renting you a car, or handling the return).

Were I in the position to do so, I would want to reward this particular location in some fashion – a pizza party, more time off, pay raise, bonus: something should be done for them.

While I am excited that I won’t be traveling into CT every week soon, it is with some sadness that I leave the pleasant folks at Dollar.