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pascal’s pensées

Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician, philosopher, and part-time theologian, is a fascinating member of history to me.

Several years ago I borrowed a copy of his “Pensées” from a friend, and skimmed it. At the time, I was impressed more with the randomness of the collection than with anything specific he wrote.

A few days ago, I began re-reading the book from the free Kindle edition on my phone.

There are far too many awesome quotes to repost them all here, but I have been heavily highlighting my digital edition for future reference, using in conversation, etc.

Pensées looks like a weird cross between 17th century twittering and a diary – but it’s well-worth the $0.00 investment to have a copy.

  • Writing style: 3/5 – not something you “read” so much as “process”
  • Concision: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5