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melting pot – but better-er :)

Earlier this week my wife decided to surprise me with a dinner she thought-of more-or-less on-the-spot.

We are both big fans of The Melting Pot. Tuesday she popped out to Kroger and bought a small package of potatoes, some various broths, and an absolutely AMAZING meat rub spice mix. Also she found some strawberries (on sale – how cool), and “melting chocolate” (no idea how this is different from “normal” chocolate, but whatever).

Unbeknownst to me while I was finishing work for the day, she was busy in the kitchen mixing-up a broth to boil the veggies in, and eventually cook some filet we had in the freezer (which she had also been thawing – again on the sly in the kitchen while I was working).

Her approximate recipe for the main course:

  • 1 small chicken broth
  • 3 small vegetable broths
  • veggies per preference (ours were carrots, mushrooms, and potatoes)
  • small can of pineapple chunks – including the juice
  • spice-rubbed filet

Green goddess (Melting Pot’s ‘signature’ spread):

  • 1/2 C sour cream
  • >1/2 C cream cheese
  • chopped chives


  • ~1 C melting chocolate
  • splash of Southern Comfort (flambeed to remove alcohol content, but leave flavor)
  • fresh strawberries

Cooking method:

  • heat broth to near-boiling (I think this is “simmering” – but I’m not positive on the technical term)
  • add veggies
  • after veggies are between ‘hot’ and ‘tender’, add rubbed filet chunks (15-25 minutes, depending on heat and preference)
  • remove from heat 2-3 minutes later and serve

Dessert method:

  • melt chocolate in microwave- and flame-safe container
  • add splash of SoCo
  • flambe
  • dip strawberries

This was an awesome dinner – not to mention less expensive than Melting Pot by, oh, 70% – and I was very sad I got too full to finish all of it 🙂

Thanks, babe!

BTW – LivingSocial had a Melting Pot special this week (which we have taken advantage of). Not sure if it’s still available, but check it out – it’s half off 🙂

*UPDATE@201107071203* the LivingSocial special has been sold out.