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digital lostness

As with many others, I suppose, I have various email address come and go: perhaps via job changes, or graduating/changing schools, deciding to sell a domain, or any of a host of other reasons.

There’s a problem with that, though: when those changes happen, sometimes access to other digital resources becomes…difficult. For example, I have an old (now unused) merchant credit account that I opened about 7 years ago. For reasons I cannot now recall, I linked that account’s digital updates to my school email address. Problem: I graduated school Dec of 06, and my account ceased to exist sometime after that.


And the password reset goes to that email address.

Double woops.

So the question now becomes – how do you ensure that when you switch email addresses, you don’t lose anything “important”?

It’s a problem I have yet to solve – any thoughts?


I’ve been a bit lax lately on reviewing places I’ve been to eat.

Since March, I’ve traveled a few times for both work and pleasure, and have gotten to enjoy several local establishments:

  • Foundry Grille
  • Verve
  • Seasons
  • Patrick O’Shea’s
  • Bensi
  • Roots Steakhouse
  • The Cheese Shop
  • Thai Kitchen
  • Food For Thought
  • Captain George’s
  • Tucano’s

Hopefully over the next few weeks, I’ll have the time to do a write-up on each.

1 year

Sunday marked the my first anniversary with my lovely wife, Christina.

We spent the last week in Virginia, utilizing the one-year passes we bought on our honeymoon 🙂

Our flights into Norfolk were smooth, and since it was so nice, we just decided to head straight to the beach from the airport. The weather was just about perfect all week – highs around 80, with light breezes every day: great weather for wading, sun soaking, theme parking, and taking in the historical sights at Colonial Williamsburg.

Thursday we decided to do our anniversary dinner a couple days early after finding out there was a Melting Pot nearby (oh, and we had a coupon for them, which was even betterer).

We found great places to eat all week, returning to one of the places we ate last year (Captain George’s), and trying-out some new spots (or, at least, new to us) like The Cheese Shop, Seasons, and Food For Thought.

We hit-up Busch Gardens again, but were disappointed to find out they no longer do the all-you-can-eat wrist bands: apparently too many people abused the system – so now you have to buy meal passes that get redeemed when going through the lines 🙁 .. not that I needed to be eating “all I can”, but still: it was a let-down.

One drawback of the great weather, though, was that water rides are distinctly less refreshing than when it’s 100 out, like it was on our honeymoon last year. Like last year, we did a paint-your-own pottery thing at Busch Gardens, and hopefully this time we’ll remember we did it and not be *quite* as surprised when the mugs arrive in a few weeks 🙂

I think the only disappointment of the week was visiting the Ripley’s museum in Williamsburg: definitely too small for the admission fee. But, oh well.

On our return trip, while sitting at the airport, we realized we hadn’t brought house keys 😐


Right, so – instead of asking her parents to drive 90 minutes (each way) to bring us the key they had for our house, and wanting to skip the emergency maintenance fee and/or locksmith charge, we stayed an extra night on vacation right here in Lexington at the nicely-appointed Springfield Marriott next to UK. Got a pretty hot discount, on the room, too 🙂

Thankfully, our rental agency has Saturday hours, and was able to unlock our door for us for free! Woot.

How did we not have keys but have a locked door? Ahh. Good question. Last weekend my wife’s parents and we went to Louisville so the girls could go to the Deeper Still Conference. My father-in-law dropped us off Sunday morning at the airport, and since we didn’t drive… we didn’t think to grab house keys. (OK, OK, ok: so *I* didn’t think to grab them… but since we’re *one* as a couple, it’s a “we” :P)

I can’t wait to see where the next years will take us .. but we’ll make sure to have our house keys on those adventures 🙂