fighting the lack of good ideas

creamy, cheesy baked potatoes

I don’t like sour cream (not when I know it’s there, at least).

However, I do like creamy baked potatoes.

And I like cheesy baked potatoes.

My solution?

Cream cheese instead of sour cream!


  • bake potato(es) to desired doneness
  • split in “Wendy’s” fashion (perforate with a fork, and squeeze the ends perpendicular to the perforations)
  • dollop whipped cream cheese into opening
  • mix in
  • add bacon bits, other cheese, chives, etc to taste

The cream cheese also does a good job of substituting for any butter you might otherwise have planned to add to the potato.

Be sure the cream cheese is of the whipped variety – solid cream cheese takes too long to mix in 🙂