fighting the lack of good ideas

if i ran the zoo…

…or, more accurately, the apartment complex. I was talking to a couple friends this past weekend, and told them I’d like to offer a per-minute lease on an apartment. It turns out that $0.02 per minute is $864/30-day month. For another penny a minute I’d include all utilities.

Ok, so it’s a little off the wall, but why not?

Also, why don’t apartment complexes let you pay your lease with a PayPal subscription? It would certainly make my life easier if I could just sign-up with my PayPal account, and have the rent automatically show up on the right day.


Yes, the frozen, white, flaky water that falls from the skies and accumulates on the ground.

It’s snowing here in Durham, and I’m psyched.

As a coworker said, “Snow is redneck kryptonite”.

/me loves being from the north 🙂