fighting the lack of good ideas

continuing the book theme…

From the reading-more department, I’m going to attempt to put one review of a book out every week, with a target day of Wednesday. Might end up putting a couple out on some books because they take a longer time to read, but that’s the goal.

Today started with a quickie overview of Aesop’s Fables which I read thanks to the Kindle app on my Mac. Next up will be my take on Gideon’s Spies by Gordon Thomas. There’s a whole slew of books on my to-read queue, so here’s hoping some external motivation will help push them off the list 🙂

reading more

I find that the more time I tend to have, the less I want to read… but when I’m really busy, I’ll find all kinds of books that look interesting.

With my current work arrangement, I travel frequently, and have been taking the time on the flights (if not sleeping) to read through histories, novels, and other materials that have been on the “to read list” for too long.

To try to help encourage me to read more, I’m going to start writing about the books I read: reviews, summaries, likes, dislikes, rants, etc. Seems like the act of writing helps to gel thoughts and encourages more activity, so we’ll see how it goes.