fighting the lack of good ideas

from `fortune`

The five rules of Socialism:
(1) Don’t think.
(2) If you do think, don’t speak.
(3) If you think and speak, don’t write.
(4) If you think, speak and write, don’t sign.
(5) If you think, speak, write and sign, don’t be surprised.
— being told in Poland, 1987

hizook and google

I recently found out about Hizook – a robotics news aggregator.

I found out from this story that was posted to Hacker News. It seems that Google thought their traffic spike was anomalous, and disabled their Adsense account without warning.

Thankfully it was re-enabled a few days later, but it does undermine some confidence in Google’s claim to “Do no evil”.

hacker news

Hacker News employs the reddit technology for displaying popular stories/news items. Reddit is one of the companies Paul Graham‘s Y Combinator project helped seed-fund a few years back.

The concept is somewhat similar to Digg, but without needing a ‘DiggIt’ button on a website to add it to the reddit list – you just submit items directly to reddit like sharing a link on Facebook.

It moves in popularity by user votes, somewhat akin to the ‘Like’ button on Facebook – but can be downvoted as well.