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oh, come on!

Apparently, the CERN Large Hadron Collider will be turned on soon. That’s cool, because way back when I graduated highschool, I worked as an intern directly manufacturing some components that went into the prototype, and might even be used in the real thing.

Now some genius in Europe has filed a lawsuit, claiming that the LHC might start a blackhole and obliterate earth.

If it creates a blackhole (a remarkably unlikely event), it’ll either evaporate, or we’ll get frozen in time, presuming it collapses the earth into itself.

Either way: sounds fun to me.

12 may 1953 to 11 aug 2008 – cindy lee myers

I just found out my aunt died sometime between Saturday night and this morning.

She didn’t call-in to work to say she’d be out, so one of her coworkers checked on her – and she didn’t answer the phone, so my dad, her older brother, went to her apartment to find out what was wrong. He found her lying on the floor not breathing.

All I know right now is that this wasn’t supposed to happen.

55-year-old people are not supposed to die.

Only old people are supposed to be allowed to die. Three score and ten. That’s 70. Not 55. Just a few weeks ago, my great-grandmother passed-on, but she was 98. In 2005, both a great uncle and great aunt passed away, but they were old, too.

55 is just not old enough.

She was supposed to be at work today.

She had just finished her first full week back after having been out ill for a couple weeks. It was her first full week at work since February.

She was supposed to finish her career at Albany County Social Services and retire in 10 years.

She was supposed to be moving nearer to my parents in the next few months.

She was supposed to see my younger sister, her only niece, start and finish college.

She was supposed to meet whoever I end up marrying, and be at the wedding.

She was supposed to see MY kids grow up and get a chance to know her.

She was supposed to come to trivia at Uno’s with us some Sunday nights.

She was supposed to see my sister get married.

But most of all: she was just supposed to be alive.

I talked to her Saturday on my drive from North Carolina to New York, and didn’t tell her I was coming up because I wanted to surprise her. I was in Albany on Sunday, and was the one who told my parents that we didn’t have room in my truck to pick up her dehumidifier that she was going to lend us after their water heater broke and flooded the basement. So, I was the one who bailed on surprising her yesterday – after having planned to do so the whole ride north.

That means my last memory of her is of saying, “I know you need to hit the sack so you can go to breakfast in the morning” and her responding with a “good night, Mike”. I didn’t call her yesterday morning because a) I knew she was supposed to be at breakfast, and b) she’d have been curious as to why I wasn’t at church, to which I didn’t want to have to lie, or give away the surprise.

Not two years ago she had a heart attack, and bypass surgery. She was back to work just a couple months later last year after physical therapy. I told her then that she had expended her “emergencies” and wasn’t allowed to do anything like that again. And she didn’t – she went to work as much as she could. She was out of work for a couple weeks a couple months ago when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia – which is treatable, and she was on a medication track to keep her healthy.

This upcoming weekend, after my friends’ Evan and Christy get married, I was supposed to be driving back to Albany, and we were all (mom, dad, sister, aunt, and I) planning to have dinner. We were supposed to be celebrating her going back to work at our favorite restaurant.

We were supposed to do lots of stuff.

We were supposed to have lots of time.

Now everything that I had to say can’t be.

Everything that should have been done won’t be.

Now I’m sitting by myself. In a hotel room. In Nutley New Jersey.

Trying to figure out what it is that I wished I’d done, said, acted upon… and now never can.

Saying “I miss you” or “I love you” is too trite. And she’s not here to hear it. So whatever it is that needed to be said, and done, and acted upon now can only be written.

“Tell me I have led a good life.”

It’s too late to tell you.
It’s too late for you to hear.
But as long as I’m here:
It’s not too late for me to tell the world: “You did”.

In eternal, loving memory: Cindy Lee Myers. 1953-2008.

why alcohol and cars don’t mix

I found out today when I logged into my email that one of my former coworkers was involved in a crash yesterday. 19 year old Justin Crouse was drunk and rammed my friend Philip’s car when he ran a red light in Raleigh yesterday.

Right now, Philip’s in ICU in Raleigh. His girlfriend, who was in the passenger seat, died at the hospital because this underage asshole couldn’t restrain himself from climbing into a vehicle after he had had too much to drink.

I hope Justin gets the book thrown at him: he knew going in that he could kill somebody, and this needs to be treated like the intentional homicide it is.

I also hope Philip gets much better soon so he can start to get to his life.

Phil: we’re all pullin’ for you.

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it’s a great start

Today the Supreme Court of the United States struck down Washington DC’s handgun ban, by upholding the plain text of the Second Amendment to our Constitution stating that gun ownership is a personal right.

CNN story: The full text of the decision: 07-290.pdf.

Hopefully this will start a trend across all of our courts of looking at the precise wording of laws and applying them directly, without attempting to add flavors of nuanced interpretation.

’tis a sad day :(

A ‘Modern Man’ has passed from our midst (

I’m a modern man,
A man for the millennium,
Digital and smoke free.

A diversified multicultural postmodern deconstructionist,
Politically anatomically and ecologically incorrect.

I’ve been uplinked and downloaded.
I’ve been inputted and outsourced.
I know the upside of downsizing.
I know the downside of upgrading.

I’m a high tech lowlife.
A cutting edge state-of-the-art bicoastal multitasker,
And I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond.

I’m new wave, but I’m old school,
And my inner child is outward bound.

I’m a hot wired heat seeking warm hearted cool customer,
Voice activated and biodegradable.

I interface from a database,
And my database is in cyberspace,
So I’m interactive,
I’m hyperactive,
And from time-to-time,
I’m radioactive.

Behind the eight ball,
Ahead of the curve,
Riding the wave,
Dodging a bullet,
Pushing the envelope.

I’m on point,
On task,
On message,
And off drugs.
I got no need for coke and speed,
I got no urge to binge and purge.

I’m in the moment,
On the edge,
Over the top,
But under the radar.

A high concept,
Low profile,
Medium range ballistic missionary.
A street-wise smart bomb.
A top gun bottom feeder.

I wear power ties,
I tell power lies,
I take power naps,
I run victory laps.

I’m a totally ongoing bigfoot slam dunk rainmaker with a proactive outreach.
A raging workaholic.
A working rageaholic.
Out of rehab,
And in denial.

I got a personal trainer,
A personal shopper,
A personal assistant,
And a personal agenda.

You can’t shut me up,
You can’t dumb me down.
‘Cause I’m tireless,
And I’m wireless.
I’m an alpha male on beta blockers.

I’m a non-believer and an over-achiever.
Laid back but fashion forward.

Up front,
Down home,
Low rent,
High maintenance.

Super size,
Long lasting,
High definition,
Fast acting,
Oven ready,
And built to last.

I’m a hands on,
Foot loose,
Knee jerk,
Head case.

Prematurely post traumatic,
And I have a love child who sends me hate mail.

But I’m feeling,
I’m caring,
I’m healing,
I’m sharing.
A supportive bonding nurturing primary care giver.

My output is down,
But my income is up.
I take a short position on the long bond,
And my revenue stream has its own cash flow.

I read junk mail,
I eat junk food,
I buy junk bonds,
I watch trash sports.

I’m gender specific,
Capital intensive,
User friendly,
And lactose intolerant.

I like rough sex.
I like tough love.
I use the f word in my email,
And the software on my hard drive is hard core, no soft porn.

I bought a microwave at a mini mall.
I bought a mini van in a mega store.
I eat fast food in the slow lane.

I’m toll free,
Bite sized,
Ready to wear,
And I come in all sizes.

A fully equipped,
Factory authorized,
Hospital tested,
Clinically proven,
Scientifically formulated medical miracle.

I’ve been pre-washed,
And I have an unlimited broadband capacity.

I’m a rude dude,
But I’m the real deal.
Lean and mean.
Cocked, locked, and ready to rock.
Rough, tough, and hard to bluff.

I take it slow.
I go with the flow.
I ride with the tide.
I got glide in my stride.

Drivin’ and movin’,
Sailin’ and spinnin’,
Jivin’ and groovin’,
Wailin’ and winnin’.

I don’t snooze,
So I don’t lose.
I keep the pedal to the metal,
And the rubber on the road.

I party hearty,
And lunch time is crunch time.

I’m hanging in,
There ain’t no doubt.
And I’m hanging tough,
Over and out.

Mr Carlin, we will all miss you.