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I went to Guglhupf in Durham today for lunch. I’d never heard of them before today, and only went with the group I had joined because Foster’s was slammed.

Their soup selections change daily, and today I tried their scotch broth – which today was lamb-based. I also ordered a breakfast bread basket. My total today was about $7.50, and I had exactly as much as I needed for lunch.

Some of the folks I ate with thought it was upscale, but their prices aren’t as high as might be expected from the decor.

Seating is spread across two floors, with a very open floor plan. Service was very quick, and all of the staff went out of their way to be friendly to each of us.

For a relaxing lunch with an all-fresh menu, and rotating specials, Guglhupf is now ranked in my list of places to go in the Triangle.

minty freshness

I just heard about today.

Whoever thought this one up is a genius. They’ll keep track of your financial state, sending alerts if anything is amiss.

righteous kill

Without giving any [important] plot points away, here goes my review of Righteous Kill, which I saw last night with a buddy of mine.

Righteous Kill is only the third film the two have made together, and the first time they have played together. In the Godfather Part II, De Niro played a younger Vito Corleone, while Pacino reprised his role as Michael – so they were never on the screen together. And in Heat, they played opposite each other.

Pacino and De Niro play partners who’ve been on the force for a long time, and are realizing they’re getting old. But that’s only the start.

I went in expecting to be entertained, and the film definitely did not disappoint.

This is a cop drama also starring John Leguizamo, Brian Dennehy, Donnie Wahlberg, 50 Cent, and Carla Gugino. It’s definitely one of the more interesting cop-legal-action-thrillers I’ve seen in quite a while.

Plot twists, camera angle changes, and lighting all play into the slowly-built, maintained, and then exploded suspense.

Everyone’s a suspect, and everyone has to be trusted. The writing and directing are spot-on, and of the films I’ve seen this year, I think there’s a possible supporting Oscar role in this one.

parental notice:

Righteous Kill is rated R for a reason: there is quite a bit of violence (though it’s not gratuitous), some cursing, and strongly-hinted-at (but never shown) “deviant” sexual behavior.