fighting the lack of good ideas

backblaze storage pods

Yet another link I found off Hacker News, the Backblaze storage pod – 67 Terabytes of storage in a rack-mountable unit for <$8k.

I’d love one or two or 80 of these in my spare bedroom 🙂

opennms on

While I don’t currently use OpenNMS, I do lurk on the mailing lists to learn about it 🙂

While on serverfault today, I thought about checking to see what OpenNMS questions there may be, and found several. None I’m qualified to answer, but the results are here:

For posts that merely have OpenNMS mentioned:

fit-pc slim linux

I just heard about the fit-PC Slim Linux recently.

It’s a 500Mhz, 512M, 60G, 8W, 14oz computer about the size of a set of car keys. Looks like it’s be a near-ideal answer for a really light-weight web server for a home.

upgrading ubuntu editions

I’m getting ready to upgrade my desktop tower because whatever version of Ubuntu it’s running (I think 7.04) is too old.

Are there any concerns or cautions I need to worry about?

It’s the x86-64 release.

My data’s already split onto other drives 🙂

now this looks pretty cool

I’m watching some show on the Science Channel while working from home today, and just saw a segment on the Venture One.\

It’s a three-wheeled, enclosed, hybrid car – but it’s classified as a motorcycle for licensing.If it actually does show up on schedule in 2010, I think I want one.

Wiki link.

digital radio recording

Figures, what I thought was a new idea isn’t.

I love my DVR, but would likewise love a Digital Radio Recorder so I could pause and rewind ‘live’ radio.

With a bit of Googling, I found the Shark (see here).

The only improvement I could see would be to get something like this into a car so you could record one station while you listen to a CD, or are in a restaurant for lunch.


I was watching a recorded edition of Beyond Tomorrow (from Science Channel) and saw an awesome-looking motorcyle helmet, the Reevu. It has a series of polycarbonate reflectors that take light coming into the helmet from the back, reflect it over the rider’s head, and display it on a small mirror just above the visor in the front, so you always have a view to your rear (and even sides, byt turning your head slightly), and don’t have to take your eyes off the road as long, or at all.

They run about $500 in the UK, and I want one. It’s in the same price range as Shoei and other mid-high end helmets.