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char steakhouse, raritan nj

I got taken out (along with several other people) recently to Char Steakhouse in Raritan NJ.

The food was nice, and the service was decent – but for $50+ per person, it should be AMAZING. And it wasn’t.

There was nothing wrong with the food, and indeed the sides were several steps above a Logan’s or Outback … but the steaks were no better. Which is sad.

If someone else is paying, though, it’s an ok place to go.

replace the restaturant buzzer

Somebody needs to replace the ubiquitous restaurant buzzer with either an SMS- or smartphone-based tool: when you put your name on the waiting list, you give them your phone number.

When your table is ready, they can buzz your phone.

Fewer moving parts for the restaurant. Fewer chances to lose stuff. Less crap to carry if you’re a customer.

And if you don’t have a phone anywhere in your party? Well, those few folks can get a buzzer.