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free wifi

I travel a fair amount for work – not excessive “road warrior” style anymore (thank God!), but often enough. One thing that has consistently dumb founded me is that, like cheap hotels, the smaller the airport, the more likely it is that it has free wifi. I understand places like ATL or ORD are incredibly […]

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zombie crime

If zombie apocalypse stories could be true, there should be no crime (other than the zombies’ havoc-wreaking). In a world where the dead are rising and attacking anything living (in the process making those attacked zombies, too), ‘normal’ crime should cease: folks’d be too busy trying to stay alive to be worried about anything else.

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nclb – you know, unless you’re in one of these 10 states…

Pick your slant report – Huffington Post or Fox News: it has been reported that President Obama’s administration will be issuing waivers to 10 states with regard to compliancy with No Child Left Behind (which, in my opinion, is one of the biggest debacles in public education ever). If the point is to “leave no child behind”, why […]

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nj man suing the port authority

From NBC New York, “NJ Man Sues Over Toll Hikes, Claims Bias“. A New Jersey man has filed a federal lawsuit in New York over the Port Authority’s toll increase. Yoel Weisshaus of New Milford claims the increase is an abuse of power and discriminates against him because he is poor. Cash tolls on the […]

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menu analysis – burger king

Burger King has a new series of sandwiches called “stackers“. It’s a cheeseburger with bacon (and fairly tasty, as fast-food burger go). They come in three sizes: single, double, and triple. The single is $1, the double $2, and the triple $3. What do you get on the sandwich? A bun, patty, cheese, sauce, and […]

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what in the … ?

I was looking at Apple’s Xserve store page today and noticed the following: “Redundant power supply option For extra peace of mind, you can add a second hot-swappable power supply and connect each to a separate UPS or power circuit. In case of an outage in one circuit, the second supply takes over without a […]

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mysql auto-changes data types

I was making a change to a small table today: adding a field that wanted to be a varchar. The other fields that were of type char all magically changed to varchar when I was done with the alter statement that added one field. I don’t know if that’s supposed to happen, but it was […]

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squirrels network *like* facebook?

Discovery News reports that squirrels network like Facebook users. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that Facebook is a heluva lot newer than squirrels. Shouldn’t the comparison be that Facebook users network like squirrels do? I could see being accommodating to modern society and not compare Facebook networking, to, say… how […]

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