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print-at-home plans

Someone needs to start a business selling print-at-home furniture/home-improvement plans that include parts lists (and, ideally, costs) from their local Lowes / Home Depot / TrueValue / Ace / etc. Most folks who want to tackle small projects don’t want to buy books or magazines that may (or may not) include what they’re interested in [...]

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you don’t need ideas – you need questions

Paul Graham asserts that startup ideas aren’t what’s important – and, in fact, think you need an “idea” is a major roadblock. Convert your thinking from “idea” to “question”, and you have a potential curiosity to explore, tweak, develop, and deliver. Your best work is going to come when you’ve thought about the problem but didn’t [...]

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what viability would a subscription-based social networking service have?

You see stories like this one, and you wonder how Facebook is continuing to make it. So many people I know are either leaving, or reducing their involvement (including myself), that is seems it is destined to be the next MySpace. Over the past couple years, I have seen companies advertise themselves by giving links [...]

April 9, 2014 · antipaucity · 6 Comments
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group admin in the era of facebook

Along the difficulties of initially building a good group/community, comes the hassles of managing said [virtual] community – especially on the book of the face. I am a coadmin on the Ontario & Western Railways Historical Society Inc Facebook group. My friend Peter is a coadmin of the Linux Mint group. Something both of us have noticed [...]

April 4, 2014 · antipaucity · 3 Comments
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a smart[ish] dhcpd

After running into some wacky networking issues at a recent customer engagement, I had a brainstorm about a smart[ish] DHCPd server that could work in conjunction with DNS and static IP assignment to more intelligently fill subnet space. Here’s the scenario we had: Lab network space is fairly-heavily populated with static assigned addresses – in [...]

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everything with a webui should publish rss

RSS is far from dead – it’s ubiquitous. What astonishes me, though, is that not all applications that have a WebUI don’t publish feeds via RSS (or Atom – same difference). OpenNMS and Nagios (via a plugin) will push alerts via RSS – which is fantastic: there’s no reason everyone shouldn’t be able to filter [...]

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what should a professional services group’s goal(s) be?

Should it be as a revenue stream? Or can it be far, far more? Every place I have worked since getting into professional services back in early 2008 has viewed the goal of the organization as making money by performing services. Whether or not the customer was happy, something useful was delivered, whether a relationship [...]

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there’s never enough documentation | there’s too much documentation

Documentation is vital. There’s never enough. And there’s always too much. In general, these are the areas I find documentation to fail: Not Enough Too Much/Many why-tos (instead of how-tos) tutorials on things you need architecture explanation design philosophy “how we got here” “why we are here” future plans / roadmaps deltas from standards recording [...]

October 11, 2013 · antipaucity · 4 Comments
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new documentation should always augment the status quo

In my line of work, I often need to create documentation for clients. Documentation in general is a Good Thing™. But good documentation’s goal should always be to augment and improve upon what already exists – not to supplant, downgrade, or muddle what already exists. A prime example of this has come up with a [...]

October 9, 2013 · antipaucity · One Comment
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on-demand, secure, distributed storage

In follow-up to a friend’s blog post on TrueCrypt, and in conjunction with some previous investigation and interests I have had, I am wondering how difficult it would be to run a tool like MooseFS in conjunction with TrueCrypt to provide a Wuala-like service as a plausibly-deniable data haven a la Cryptonomicon.

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