fighting the lack of good ideas


I met a friendly girl (Shelly) today at the subway station at 40th and 8th in front of the New York Times building.

But the only reason I bring this up is because she asked me how to get to the number 7 subway.

There I was, calmly reviewing the subway map so I could get to the Museum Mile Festival, and she comes over asking me if I knew how to get to the #7. Mind you, I live in Durham NC, and have only ridden the subway in Manhattan once before today. But she asked me how to get back to Main St in Flushing.

I must have inherited the “ask me directions to anywhere, I can get you there” invisible sign that my dad has. I’ve been asked directions, now, twice on this visit to New York. I couldn’t help the first guy, but Shelly I could.

I pointed-out to her that she had gotten off at the New York Times, and not Times Square. I showed her on the map where the 7 terminates on its west point (Times Square), and mentioned I was heading there myself. To which she asked if she could follow me. Sure, why not?

So up the stairs we headed towards Times Square. Once there, we headed into that subway station, and she found the 7 with no issues, while I went over to find the 3 to head up to Central Park North for the block party thing.

I really do wish I could see that sign, so I at least knew I wasn’t crazy the next time I’m asked for directions by some random person on the street – because I know it’ll happen again.