fighting the lack of good ideas

i love traveling

I hate not being home.

I travel for a living now, performing site installations, upgrades, customizations, and on-site support for our customers. The travel’s a blast – see new places, try new food, drive different car. But not being home except weekends does kinda cut into one’s social activities.

At this point, I wouldn’t trade the type of work I’m doing, unless someone offered me large piles of green paper, but I’d like a little more notice than just a few days (sometimes less!) before hopping on a plane and heading out to another customer.

Even 2 weeks would be nice (which is supposedly the minimum time we’re allowed to book travel etc for work anyways). That’s happened once so far, in 3 months of being in the job.

On the other hand, you all get to find about great places to eat all over the country 🙂 .