fighting the lack of good ideas

why i won’t – can’t – vote for obama

The list is short, and simple.

  1. He’s pro-death. Anyone who votes to deny medical care to an infant born after a botched abortion is not fit to be a leader. Anyone who is pro-abortion for any reason (not merely in the [uncommon] event of endangering the life of the mother) is pro-death, and I will not vote for anyone who is willing for those who cannot speak for themselves to be extinguished.
  2. He’s anti-2d Amendment, which means he’s already failed to live up to the oath he took when entering office as Senator – to uphold the Constitution. If you want to enact a change, that’s fine, but it must go through the appropriate processes as outlined in the Constitution for accomplishing that.
  3. He’s a Socialist. Anyone who believes the government should be in the business of forcibly taking what someone has justly earned and give it to someone who has not, without their permission, is a Socialist. America is NOT the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – we are a Democratic Republic. We are Capitalists. If I want to give to charity, that is my prerogative, not the government’s. And for someone who is so concerned about “spreading the wealth”, why does he not give charitably? Why does he not take care, even in some small fashion, of relatives living in squalor while he resides in [relative] resplendent glory?
  4. He wants to raise taxes and spend more. We may or may not be entering an economic recession. But the last time someone proposed to do what he proposes to do, it was Herbert Hoover, followed by Franklin Roosevelt. Hoover proactively worked with Congress to raise taxes and tariffs, and helped catapult us into the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt helped hold us in the Depression by starting socialist work programs for political gain.

I want another Calvin Coolidge or Ronald Reagan to appear on the scene that will reign-in government spending and let America do what it does best: be productive.

We were founded by people looking for escape from oppression.

We were founded by people who were willing, ready, and capable of working hard – very hard – and making a life for themselves.

When politicians get the government out of the way, America does great things.