fighting the lack of good ideas

the one hundred ninety-nine dollar.. what?

I arrived in Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale, or GSS. It’s advertised everywhere. It’s the one time of year when [nearly] every store, restaurant, service provider, etc offers big discounts for shoppers.

In Plaza Singapura, the mall next to where I work, they’ve been having different vendors taking-over the concourse area on the first floor every week.

This week it’s one of their anchors, Carrefour (the French hypermart chain). They have all sorts of stuff – most of which you can also get inside the Carrefour store, but of course it’s more fun to browse out in the open.

In the refrigerated container area I saw something I never thought I’d see in my life. They had fruit for sale.

Specifically, they had fruit from Japan for sale. One of them was S$199. That’s about $125 US.

It’s a watermelon.


That summer stand-by: the watermelon.

Course, these are square and grown in Japan, and stack nicely.

But really? Two hundred dollars for a watermelon?