fighting the lack of good ideas

hacker news

Hacker News employs the reddit technology for displaying popular stories/news items. Reddit is one of the companies Paul Graham‘s Y Combinator project helped seed-fund a few years back.

The concept is somewhat similar to Digg, but without needing a ‘DiggIt’ button on a website to add it to the reddit list – you just submit items directly to reddit like sharing a link on Facebook.

It moves in popularity by user votes, somewhat akin to the ‘Like’ button on Facebook – but can be downvoted as well.

the trilogy as a source of help

I’ve been a user on stackoverflow since shortly after it debuted last year. I’m also becoming active on superuser and serverfault.

Today I have a prime example of why these services are so helpful. I have a small db scripting problem. After googling’ for a while with various combinations of keywords, including attempting to make heads or tails of the MySQL documentation, I asked this question on SO.

Inside of a couple minutes, several folks answered my question, pointing to exactly the part of the manual I couldn’t find on my own.

Volunteer communities are awesome.