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haiku talk

This past Saturday, I gave a presentation/talk on Haiku for the BGLUG in Lexington KY.

For those unfamiliar with Haiku, it is an open-source reimplementation of my favorite OS of all time, BeOS.

Instead of having a formal slide deck for the event (as initially planned), I kept it informal with an oral history of Be Inc, some of the intrigue surrounding the company, my involvement with the platform back in the 90s with the developer program, and then the developments of the platform post-Be (through Palm’s mishandling of the IP, Yellow Tab, and Haiku).

I have found I can use Haiku for almost all of my day-to-day tasks (currently running a few VMs of it on my laptop), and it barely taxes the hardware – even with only 256MB of RAM and a single vCPU. Oh, and it’ll still render hyper-smooth 3D OpenGL video on such an “underpowered” VM.

There is a host of awesome software available for Haiku, and the community seems to just be getting stronger and stronger.

A couple of my favorites:

If you are interested in developing for Haiku, checkout darkwyrm’s programming lessons.