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centos 6 – first thoughts

CentOS 6 was released today. So far, I am not impressed.

I run a *lot* of virtual machines. So I thought I’d give the netinstall edition a try with the “minimal” install option: when the installer reboots at the end, there is no valid boot image on the drive and starting-up fails.

So I switched to the DVD installer. First problem: CentOS comes on 2 DVDs – RHEL 6 (and 6.1) come on one each.

The minimal install profile does not configure any network, or any useful packages – it is truly minimal. So, while the system will boot once the DVD has finished installing, it is pretty much not usable.

Afetr the smoothness I’ve experienced with RHEL 6.1, I think I’m going to need to evaluate other long-term releases instead of CentOS, unless they get their act together – fast. It’s been 7 MONTHS since RHEL 6 came out. CentOS historically only lagged a few weeks behind. This is ridiculous.

Shame, too – always like that you could “upgrade” a CentOS box to RHEL by adding an RHN license.