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changing hosts

After several years of being hosted at tektonic, it has come time to move hosts.

My current web server is running 32-bit CentOS 4.9. Eek! That is old.

Since upgrading to a new release of CentOS is now becoming more urgent, and upgrading is really reinstalling a new OS, I’ve started to look at new hosts. I’ve considered Chunk Host, but while their entry-level service are Okay, they’re not really in line with what I need at this time. Likewise, I have review iWeb‘s offerings, but unless I go for a colo, they’re not going to suit my personal needs well, either.

My requirements for a new host are the following:

  • CentOS 6 x64 (for a variety of reasons – this is not a religious thing: I have evaluated other distros/platforms, and this is the best option for me)
  • at least 250GB of storage (>500G preferable)
  • several CPU cores (a minimum of 2, 4 or 8 would be better)
  • at least 4GB RAM
  • decent amount of available traffic (though I don’t anticipate major traffic patterns for some time)
  • at

What I am planning to run:

  • Apache (ports 80 and 443) hosting several domains
  • MySQL
  • Plone (on 8080)
  • PostgreSQL
  • sendmail for several domains
  • SVN
  • Trac
  • WordPress with some plugins (one of which is a little CPU intensive)
  • a backup store for myself (hence the storage requirements)
    • OS media
    • personal files
  • continued mirroring of m0n0wall
  • oh – and it’d be nice if it was in the same rough price range as what I’m spending now on far less 🙂 (2GB 2CPU 60GB on one host, and 512M 4CPU 20GB on my other host – total ~$45/month)

So far, I have found a couple viable options – but have not 100% settled on them yet.

I am curious as to what alternatives may exist in this area that I have not yet seen, and would appreciate any suggestions 🙂