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preliminary update on kirk’s crash

All who knew Kirk Aragon are still in shock over his sudden and tragic loss Sunday.

The N&O called me this week for a brief interview, and some of what I had to say is in an article published today by Aliana Ramos, along with the following preliminary information about the crash:

The private-plane crash that killed an Apex man this week probably was not caused by mechanical failure, according to early findings by an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board.

Aragon’s plane went down about 12:45 p.m. Sunday, minutes after radioing to air traffic control that he was departing. A pilot who was in the air at the time told investigators that Aragon’s plane appeared to be lower than usual and losing altitude before crashing.

“The entire airplane was consumed by fire,” Rayner said. “The engine was significantly damaged; the gears are melted together; the instruments have been destroyed.”

Aragon was alive immediately after the crash and managed to separate himself about 10 feet from the plane, said Deep River Fire Chief Larry Kelly. A trio of area residents managed to reach Aragon before the fire department arrived and helped to remove some of his clothing.

“They helped to keep him calm until we could get there,” Kelly said. “He was conscious. I was able to talk with him to find out if anyone else was in the plane. He was in a lot of pain. He did not give any indication of what happened.”

My prayers are with his family especially today.