fighting the lack of good ideas

fill-in-the-blank takeout and delivery

Somebody should start a fill-in-the-blank takeout and delivery service.

Want Arby’s? Call FITB. Want Chinese? Call FITB. Want groceries? Call FITB.

I bet there are a *LOT* of people who’d take advantage of services like that if they were offered – I would.

Maybe I should start the first one in Lexington.

nclb – you know, unless you’re in one of these 10 states…

Pick your slant report – Huffington Post or Fox News: it has been reported that President Obama’s administration will be issuing waivers to 10 states with regard to compliancy with No Child Left Behind (which, in my opinion, is one of the biggest debacles in public education ever).

If the point is to “leave no child behind”, why are waivers being granted over a decade later?

And why are there 28 more states who are planning to “seek flexibility” with regards to NCLB?

Seems like that’s MAJOR proof that it was distinctly NOT the best thing we could have done as a country to address education.