fighting the lack of good ideas

to wear a watch

I love wearing a nice watch.

Years ago, I would only wear a digital watch in 24hr mode.

Then I switched to using my cell phone.

Now I prefer an analog watch with metal band, and no numbers (ie hour indicators) on the face.

The one I wear now is a Pulsar with a silver (with gold accents) band, blue face, and stopwatch feature. Got it 5 years ago off Woot for under $50 (go go gadget Woot!). My next watch will be one with a black (or black and silver) band, and either a black, silver, dark red, or blue face. Perhaps a SEIKO Black Ion Chronograph Watch. Or maybe a Bulova Marine Star Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch (though I’d prefer a black band on it).

Why do I prefer analog to digital now? And why wear a watch vs using your cell phone?

Because analog clocks give a sense of class that digital just can’t offer, imho, and using your cell phone exclusively to tell time relies on knowing what timezone you are in (and if you’re on the fuzzy edges of two, knowing which tower you’re getting signal from (is it the one in Central, or the one in Mountain?)), and leads to the great potential for distraction to check email, text messages, Facebook, etc, etc, etc.

Watches don’t carry those potentials for distraction the way your phone does.

And they give whomever you are around the sense that you care about how look, but not [necessarily] in a vain manner: you want to pay attention to the time, but not look like the jerk whose ostentatious displays of timekeeping craziness (like the ~$5900 Rolex Explorer Black Dial Domed Bezel Oyster or the not-quite-as nutty-but-still-pricey Citizen Eco-Drive Blue Angels World A-T Stainless Steel Flight Atomic Watch). Wearing a watch gives the impression of focus on whomever you are interacting with, too … so long as you’re not constantly flicking your wrist to check time, of course 😉

Watch wearing is something I think needs to make a major comeback. Join me.