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prediction look back

Time to look back at last year’s tech predictions. I did this at the half-way point, so let’s see what has changed since then.

  • AIX is still kickin’
  • HPUX hasn’t died yet 🙁
  • Solaris is still being clung-to by Oracle
  • HP split in half – count this a win
  • IBM has dropped from 162 to 138 per share – count this a win
  • IBM still doesn’t realize POWER is having death-throes, but it’s also not dead yet … so this was wrong
  • Z/OS has continued, though not growing as much as I hoped
  • cloud is less of a “thing” and more of a “thing” at the same time … this is a wash
  • cloud hosting providers are competing more on price .. but not as much as I’d expected
  • more “new” (ie less than 15 years old) tech and tools are making their ways into stodgy businesses and government agencies, but it’s painfully slow to watch
  • everyone is trying to be buzzword-compliant – this is a definite win
  • “real” 3D hasn’t arrived on cell phones (though the extra touch sensitivity of the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is cool
  • still counting the iPad Pro as a correct on my “MacBook Flex” prediction
  • no fat binary option with the latest OS X to support iOS and x86 hardware
  • no non-x86 Macs .. but the iPad Pro is close
  • Apple may or may not be working on developing a car … this is not true yet, but I think it will be “soon”
  • Tesla has added models, but nothing in the “everyday” category yet
  • SpaceX hasn’t sent anything to Venus or Mars, but they’ve done a bunch of other cool stuff
  • Square doesn’t have a bank option
  • no local competition against Uber and Lyft .. but they’re growing like crazy
  • more cities and regions are fast moving towards being “gigacities” .. not as many as I’d hoped, but it’s happening

In a week or two I’ll put out my predictions for 2016. But first, what are yours?