fighting the lack of good ideas

back in singapore

I arrived back in Singapore safely early Sunday morning (local time).

Other than having to leave my fiancee at home, and now not being able to see her for at least a few weeks, everything here seems to be good. Got the keys and copy of my apartment contract, so all I have left to do is get my utilities setup – my apartment agent tried to get those setup for me while I was gone, but SP Services apparently requires the actual resident set it up, and not an agent.

Hopefully the jet lag will be mostly gone in a few hours so I can go to work and be [mostly] switched-back to Singapore time 🙂


Last Friday night, on the Brooklyn Bridge, in the rain (sounds like the answer to Clue, doesn’t it?) I officially asked my girlfriend to marry me.

Me living in Singapore means that’ll not be as soon as either of us would prefer, but at least it’s in the works. 🙂

She told me the rest of the night was a blur, which is probably just as well since it sheeted water on us for the couple blocks back to the hotel, so we were thoroughgoingly drenched by the time we got there.

Anyways, that’s my fun news for the year 🙂


I’m sitting in Tokyo Narita airport right now.

My next stop will be my home for the next several months as I begin a job in Singapore with Barclay’s Capital Monday.

As of right now, I’ve added yet another two airports to my list, and have one more to go “today” – Dulles and Tokyo. Next up, Singapore.

eating out, but well

I’ve been back home for a few days, and have been introduced to several more good local eateries, which will have write-ups coming shortly.

My sister pointed me to one of her favorites in Cohoes, Bread and Jam, and she’ll be “guest blogging” that post.

the results

I followed-through on my fuel experiment. However, the hoped-for mileage increase did not occur. I was hoping for a 2-3 mpg improvement, and saw 0-1.

The good news is that it didn’t decrease my mileage, as I have seen on some vehicles when going up the octane ladder.

Guess that means I’m back to buying regular.